Executive Board

Group photo of the Executive Board
The Executive Board of ETH Zürich (f.l.t.r.): Ulrich Weidmann, Julia Dannath, Günther Dissertori, Christian Wolfrum, Joël Mesot, Vanessa Wood, Stefan Spiegel, Katharina Poiger (General Secretary). (ETH Zürich / Markus Bertschi)

The Executive Board is the supreme committee of ETH Zurich. It is responsible for the areas education, research, and administration. The Executive Board ensures that the university assumes its social, cultural, and economic responsibilities.

Members of the Executive Board


The Executive Board enacts decrees and administrative rules. Moreover, it regulates the organization of the school. It decides on the founding, renaming, and cancellation of departments and other units. It appoints the Prorectors as well as representatives for special tasks, and it makes employer’s decisions for all employees of ETH Zurich. The Executive Board collaborates closely with various bodies of participation. In particular, it convenes with the University Assembly on a regular basis. The departments are responsible to the Executive Board.

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