Emergency Desk

The Emergency Desk is the contact point for all incidents connected with the personnel, building and equipment security systems.

If an alarm is triggered, the relevant internal and external intervention authorities are alerted and steps are taken to identify and resolve the problem. The Emergency Desk constitutes the link between the various alarm duty managers.

The Emergency Desk also serves as an information point out of office hours.

Emergency numbers

The Emergency Desk can be contacted 24 hours a day:


  • From internal connections: 888
  • From external connections / mobile phones: +41 44 342 11 88


  • Fire brigade (and water pollution control): (0)118
  • Accidents (ambulance): (0)144
  • Poisoning (toxicology information centre): (0)145
  • Police: (0)117

Uniformed security service

Out of office hours, the uniformed security service takes over the role of property manager for the ETH Zurich buildings. Uniformed security staff are responsible for monitoring the security systems in the buildings.

They are the first to intervene if there is an incident, such as an accident, outbreak of fire or smoke, a break-in, assault or material damage.

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