A further rise in satisfaction with our catering facilities

The guests of the restaurants and canteens at ETH Zurich have awarded our catering facilities even higher ratings than in the last guest survey conducted in 2017. More people took part than ever before. Some of them would still like to see improvements in prices and in the range of food on offer.  

Smiling chef, offering a plate.

6,800 people took part in the survey on the catering facilities at ETH Zurich at the end of 2022. The caterers are pleased about the record participation rate and especially about the increase in guest satisfaction across the board. Nevertheless, they are using the points of criticism as an opportunity to improve services further.

Participants rated staff particularly well, who gained 5 points compared to the last survey, as well as the organisation of operations (structure), which increased by 8 points. People’s satisfaction with the payment system recorded an exceptional increase, rising by 17 points to the highest target score of 87.

The range of drinks and ambience (furniture and tableware) were also among the best-rated criteria. Moreover, the quality and freshness of hot meals received 3 points more than in the last survey, while the variety of meals on offer was even up by 5 points. There has also been a clearly positive development in the organisation of processes; this relates to organisation in general, but especially to waiting times at the food counter and at the cash register.

The guests at Rice Up! are the most satisfied, closely followed by the restaurants Clausiusbar and Bellavista, and the bQm Bar. The greatest increase in guest satisfaction was reported by the two large facilities on the Hönggerberg campus (food market / FUSION meal).

Biggest crowd at lunchtime

Guest satisfaction is also reflected in the number of visits: 97 percent of the ETH community stated that they use ETH catering facilities, with 48 percent even using them 3 to 5 times a week. 9 out of 10 make use of them at lunchtime.

However, since the Covid pandemic, 50 percent of respondents have worked or studied 1 to 2 additional days per week from home. This has resulted in a decline of around 10 percent in guest numbers across all catering facilities.

Perennial topic of value for money

The price-performance ratio continues to be one of the worst-rated topics. Despite the price increases of autumn 2021, the satisfaction index nevertheless increased by 2 points, and despite continuing cost pressure (increasing cost of goods and personnel) since Covid, ETH and its caterers are currently opting not to make any further price increases. The facilities are facing even more of challenge to continue to offer a diverse and high-quality range of food options.

The variety of meals was also rated better than in previous years. Nevertheless, some respondents would still like more choice. Vegans especially would appreciate a wider range of dishes.

The caterers have addressed the points of criticism and have already introduced some initial measures at various locations. These have been communicated individually as of this week by means of posters in the respective catering facilities.

Trend towards a meat-free diet continues

The survey took place from 22 November to 20 December 2022. Of the 32,711 people contacted in the full survey, 6,801 individuals, i.e. 20.8 percent, participated. As before, most respondents profess to eat animal products as a matter of principle. However, with 12% vegetarians (7% increase compared to 2017) and 5% vegans (3% increase compared to 2017) as well as those who consciously avoid meat more often, there is an increasing trend towards a meat-free diet.  

Further information:

You can find the full evaluation of the guest survey (in German only) Downloadhere (PDF, 1.5 MB).

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