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Outstanding results at every level are what make ETH Zurich one of the world’s leading universities. We have high expectations of our staff, but as a responsible employer ETH Zurich also offers excellent working conditions and provides support and encouragement for its employees – so they can produce top-class performances and pursue their personal career goals.

Are you interested in working, teaching or carrying out research at ETH Zurich? Find out what we have to offer as an employer on the following pages.

ETH Zurich is a responsible employer with progressive working conditions for its employees. The cultural diversity of its employees is an enormous opportunity for innovation and enables valuable exchange. Different patterns of thinking and values among ETH members, as well as differences in leadership styles, promote the ability to recognize one's own and others' patterns of behavior and to develop oneself further.

With more than 12 000 employees from Switzerland and abroad, ETH Zurich is one of the largest employers in the Zurich area. The university offers substantively exciting and attractive jobs in teaching, research and support functions. Outstanding performance at every level puts ETH Zurich at the top of the world. As a result, we place high demands on our employees. However, as a responsible employer, ETH Zurich also offers good working conditions and encourages its employees to achieve first-class performance and pursue their own career goals.

Work-life balance is becoming an increasingly important issue. That is why ETH sees itself as an employer and university that enables its members to achieve an appropriate balance between work/study on the one hand and family obligations on the other.


ETH culture shapes us all. And we all shape culture at ETH Zurich. Because it arises from the values, norms and thought patterns that we collectively share. And it manifests itself in the decisions we make. In the decisions of the Executive Board as well as in the individual decisions that each and every one of us makes in everyday life. An open leadership culture based on dialogue at ETH is also an important part of ETH culture. Therefore, ETH holds the following Downloadleadership principles (PDF, 58 KB) as a mission statement.

Open positions

Are you interested in working at ETH Zurich? Here you will find further information.


Learn everything about starting a job at ETH Zurich as well as the employment contract.

Working hours

Find out about the working hours and flexible forms of employment at ETH Zurich.

Offers and benefits

From childcare to car sharing - ETH Zurich offers its employees a range of offers and benefits. Convince yourself

Insurance and pension fund

ETH Zurich is subject to the Swiss social security system and offers employees additional benefits that result in higher insurance coverage.


You come from abroad and are interested in working at ETH Zurich? Here you will find further information.

Vocational training

ETH Zurich offers young adults the opportunity to complete a vocational apprenticeship and thus lay a foundation for their lives.


Learn more about the six values of ETH Zurich.


Inappropriate behavior of any form will not be tolerated at ETH Zurich. Persons affected are supported by ETH through a wide range of services.

ETH Diversity

ETH Zurich is committed to ensuring that everyone can study, research and work at ETH under the same conditions.

Leadership and development

ETH Zurich is committed to an open leadership culture based on dialogue and to actively supporting the personal development of employees.

Consulting and coaching

Employees are supported in private and professional challenges.

Work environment

To focus on work and research and achieve best performance, a supportive work environment is important.


In order to meet the attractiveness of ETH Zurich and the changing needs, ETH allows, among other things, flexible working time models and an inspiring working environment.


You can find all important information about family, childcare, allowances, maternity/paternity leave etc. here.

Personnel figures

More than 12,000 people work at ETH Zurich. Detailled information about ETH Zurich can be found in the annual report. In particular, the chapter Human Resources and Infrastructure presents figures and stories about the employees of ETH Zurich.

Personnel figures:

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