Old fault reports

Not all reports are available in English. Please refer to the German version of our website for further details. Fault reports, in German

State Date Description  
in progress10.08.2023 16:35Issues with ETHIS and Google ChromeDetails 
in progress31.07.2023 10:36Login into GMIS does not workDetails 
in progress19.07.2023 12:21Access to NAS12 disturbedDetails 
in progress17.07.2023 13:12Problem with switch swi-hci-d533-bDetails 
in progress17.07.2023 09:15IT Shop not reachableDetails 
in progress12.07.2023 10:32Problems with the MFA registrationDetails 
in progress03.07.2023 10:06Unknown network failure LCADetails 
in progress29.06.2023 13:55swi-hci-d525-a 'down'Details 
in progress13.06.2023 14:04Problems with swi-hci-d513-aDetails 
in progress02.06.2023 08:51Error on swi-chn-h77-a member downDetails 
in progress26.05.2023 11:13SharePointDetails 
in progress16.05.2023 09:28Netzwerkproblem im Gebäude OATDetails 
in progress12.05.2023 15:25problems with switch swi-chn-g36-aDetails 
in progress04.05.2023 15:57Firewall redundancy issuesDetails 
in progress03.05.2023 10:58Calls OpenScape Mobile AppDetails 
in progress03.05.2023 08:19Problems with the switch swi-chn-l15-a since last nightDetails 
in progress02.05.2023 07:42Reset via SMSDetails 
in progress28.04.2023 09:17Login Printers - PaperCut is not available.Details 
in progress19.04.2023 09:27Hotline Service Desk of IT Services out of operationDetails 
in progress05.04.2023 16:41Network failure swi-hci-d513-bDetails 
in progress04.04.2023 08:29Currently there are partial problems with the provisioning of services in the IT Shop.Details 
in progress31.03.2023 07:48swi-cab-e20-2-a is downDetails 
in progress24.03.2023 09:30Citrix Workspace certificate problem - users unable to loginDetails 
in progress23.03.2023 11:25Problems with switch swi-hci-c337-aDetails 
in progress23.03.2023 07:28Login IAM (passwort.ethz.ch)Details 
in progress22.03.2023 09:17MFA Reset not possibleDetails 
in progress16.03.2023 10:06Emergency Reboot von Switch xswi-bsa-c234-bDetails 
in progress15.03.2023 16:44Restore / Restriction of the Phone forward permissionDetails 
in progress09.03.2023 07:56Currently there are problems with the DHCP and DNS serversDetails 
in progress08.03.2023 10:17Störung Etagenswitch swi-chn-h77-aDetails 
in progress07.03.2023 08:35QR code website for MFA registration out of orderDetails 
in progress02.03.2023 08:03Network problemsDetails 
in progress22.02.2023 16:39Floor-Switch swi-hif-b73-a is offlineDetails 
in progress10.02.2023 07:38Login problemsDetails 
in progress26.01.2023 15:09Confluence failureDetails 
in progress20.01.2023 15:53Email problems with PSI recipientsDetails 
in progress20.01.2023 09:52gitlab.ethz.ch is down at the moment.Details 
in progress18.01.2023 11:18Accessibility ServicesDetails 
in progress16.01.2023 16:56Problems with WordPress websitesDetails 
in progress05.01.2023 09:48Login IT ShopDetails 
in progress03.01.2023 09:54No procurement of DigiCert TLS/SSL certificatesDetails 
in progress19.12.2022 13:20gitlab.ethz.ch not reachableDetails 
in progress13.12.2022 09:46Linux web hosting several sites downDetails 
in progress07.12.2022 11:33Update: Fault on NAS12 storageDetails 
in progress07.12.2022 09:26polybox downDetails 
in progress30.11.2022 08:52Malfunction: No receipt of QuoVadis mail certificatesDetails 
in progress25.11.2022 10:10Smartdesk malfunctionDetails 
in progress16.11.2022 07:50Obtaining certificatesDetails 
in progress04.11.2022 10:06Problem with sending e-mail to external addressesDetails 
in progress01.11.2022 14:53Linux in the computer rooms: currently no login possibleDetails 
in progress01.11.2022 10:22ethis website remains whiteDetails 
in progress27.10.2022 17:32Network issues with DNS-ServiceDetails 
in progress17.10.2022 10:16public wifi does not send sms with codeDetails 
in progress13.10.2022 11:09Login delay with ETH card on MFDsDetails 
in progress10.10.2022 13:14MFA ProblemsDetails 
in progress06.10.2022 12:50Network problems as a result of a defective switch swi-hci-c125-5-aDetails 
in progress28.09.2022 08:49WLAN performance in large lecture hallsDetails 
in progress26.09.2022 14:07people.ethz.ch not availableDetails 
in progress21.09.2022 12:47Wifi/VPN PasswordDetails 
in progress16.09.2022 12:30Confluence not reachableDetails 
in progress16.09.2022 08:26Certificate error on idbdfedin16.ethz.chDetails 
in progress01.09.2022 07:41ETHIS functionalities limitedDetails 
in progress29.08.2022 16:20Network problems in the ZO realmDetails 
in progress23.08.2022 07:26Confluence not reachable (unlimited.ethz.ch)Details 
in progress11.08.2022 09:31scan to mail still out of orderDetails 
in progress10.08.2022 08:21no incoming mail from external and scansDetails 
in progress08.08.2022 08:53ETH website partially unavailablDetails 
in progress03.08.2022 08:26New teams can no longer be created in Teams via the Provisioning App.Details 
in progress21.07.2022 12:45NAS22 in HönggerbergDetails 
in progress19.07.2022 13:14Problems with SympaDetails 
in progress15.07.2022 11:28Phishing "[Spam:]Vermehrt Lockouts auf ETH Accounts- vermeiden [Spam:]"Details 
in progress13.07.2022 13:49Phishing "aus der Geschäftsstelle des Präsidenten der ETH Zürich" und "ETHZ/SCHOOL BROCURE"Details 
in progress11.07.2022 14:02Increased lockouts on ETH accountsDetails 
in progress11.07.2022 07:38itshop with VPN and realm id-mazo not availableDetails 
in progress05.07.2022 07:46The login on password.ethz.ch does not work even with correct login credentialsDetails 
in progress04.07.2022 08:47partial network disruption Hönggerberg and data centerDetails 
in progress30.06.2022 09:56Error DNSSECDetails 
in progress05.06.2022 19:52Network outage swi-hg-h16-4-aDetails 
in progress03.06.2022 12:05ConfluenceDetails 
in progress03.06.2022 10:54Network failure on swi-hpk-f21-2-aDetails 
in progress02.06.2022 14:47possible access problems drive S:Details 
in progress27.05.2022 14:17Delay in sending mailsDetails 
in progress23.05.2022 08:36Malfunction printserverDetails 
in progress23.05.2022 08:36Network disruption as a result of power work swo-pfa-e83-aDetails 
in progress13.05.2022 10:38Problem in teams with a new meetingDetails 
in progress10.05.2022 10:44artial network failure in HG D/E/F/FO/G floorDetails 
in progress10.05.2022 09:44Mail archive registration in IT shop does not workDetails 
in progress04.05.2022 08:08Phishing "System Administrator" and "Account Update"Details 
in progress02.05.2022 07:37IT Shop not reachableDetails 
in progress21.04.2022 07:40Network interrupted area FEL (Lindau)Details 
in progress12.04.2022 12:37VMware Shop AccessDetails 
in progress30.03.2022 16:42Problems with some switches in the HCIDetails 
in progress25.03.2022 05:51Interruption of Learning Applications QSS [Test]Details 
in progress22.03.2022 11:17Problems with printingDetails 
in progress16.03.2022 11:42Problem with MSSQL databasesDetails 
in progress16.03.2022 11:39NAS Service Offering in the IT ShopDetails 
in progress16.03.2022 05:44Problems with NAS12 (inclusive Polybox)Details 
in progress15.03.2022 18:04Emergency reboot of switch swi-hci-d433-bDetails 
in progress14.03.2022 14:05Malfunction e-mailDetails 
in progress14.03.2022 09:40Problem Lumerical licenseserverDetails 
in progress10.03.2022 07:42accesss switch in SWS no longer reachable (swi-sws-l632-a)Details 
in progress09.03.2022 17:13Im Gebäude WEG gibt es ein Komplett Netzwerkausfall -> WLAN, Telefon, LANDetails 
in progress04.03.2022 07:59Network problemsDetails 
in progress24.02.2022 10:06Processing delay in the IT shopDetails 
in progress17.02.2022 09:20No drawing of QuoVadis certificates possibleDetails 
in progress14.02.2022 07:20Processing delay in the l IT shopDetails 
in progress02.02.2022 16:10Switch swi-ml-g56-a has failedDetails 
in progress31.01.2022 14:42Emergency reboot of switch swi-ifw-b33-1-aDetails 
in progress28.01.2022 08:56Emergency Reboot von swi-hci-d433-bDetails 
in progress21.01.2022 08:18Network malfunction after software upgrade in OcatavoDetails 
in progress20.01.2022 10:17gitlab login failureDetails 
in progress20.01.2022 07:20Networkoutage Access IFW/RZ BuildingDetails 
in progress14.01.2022 15:05Problems with obtaining new QuoVadis certificatesDetails 
in progress12.01.2022 07:42Network interruption in ETF as a result Intergaler testDetails 
in progress07.01.2022 08:37Mail service malfunction (mail.ethz.ch)Details 
in progress05.01.2022 15:41Problems with switch swi-ifw-c32-aDetails 
in progress03.01.2022 15:27Replication of MariaDB1-server failedDetails 
in progress29.12.2021 10:19unlimited.ethz.ch is not reachableDetails 
in progress23.12.2021 09:26Spam filter Mailcleaner currently out of serviceDetails 
in progress22.12.2021 11:28Problems with the switch swi-rz-d9-aDetails 
in progress22.12.2021 07:56Registration on the network (wifi and wired) is currently not possibleDetails 
in progress20.12.2021 14:21Problems with obtaining new QuoVadis TLS/SSL certificatesDetails 
in progress17.12.2021 12:16Confluence out of serviceDetails 
in progress17.12.2021 10:55swi-weg-e12-a Member 2 defectDetails 
in progress16.12.2021 17:15Website idn.ethz.ch not reachableDetails 
in progress14.12.2021 08:40Confluence is out of service at the momentDetails 
in progress13.12.2021 15:47Problems with ETHIS under macOS Monterey and SafariDetails 
in progress13.12.2021 10:15Java zero-day vulnerability Log4ShellDetails 
in progress13.12.2021 08:40Phishing "You_have_2_new_important_messages_from_IT_helpdesk"Details 
in progress10.12.2021 10:06IT-shop currently out of orderDetails 
in progress30.11.2021 16:39Problem ConfluenceDetails 
in progress25.11.2021 15:40Problem with ProxyDetails 
in progress23.11.2021 11:08SLA NetzwerkausfallDetails 
in progress17.11.2021 07:42swi-unispital downDetails 
in progress16.11.2021 16:09Problems with the Infiniband network on Euler VII compute nodesDetails 
in progress05.11.2021 11:15Malfunction public WLANDetails 
in progress02.11.2021 07:06Probleme mit dem Router HPxDetails 
in progress30.10.2021 07:21Probleme swi-hpf-e16-3-bDetails 
in progress28.10.2021 08:18NAS12 performance limitations at RZ locationDetails 
in progress27.10.2021 16:26VPN Service nicht verfügbarDetails 
in progress26.10.2021 21:05VPN Concentrator gecrashedDetails 
in progress22.10.2021 10:23Switch outage swi-hci-f3-aDetails 
in progress21.10.2021 15:21Problem with the network connection in building HCIDetails 
in progress19.10.2021 14:59Problem Web-upload webprint.ethz.chDetails 
in progress08.10.2021 07:43Netzwerkstörung auf swi-hpk-c22-aDetails 
in progress07.10.2021 16:30Malfunction various servicesDetails 
in progress06.10.2021 09:09Problems IT ShopDetails 
in progress04.10.2021 08:55Backend AEM not reachableDetails 
in progress22.09.2021 09:47Direct access to Tableau reports from ETHIS is not currently possible. There is a work around.Details 
in progress21.09.2021 12:44IT Shop - Performance ProblemDetails 
in progress23.07.2021 08:30New Windows 0-Day vulnerability named "HiveNightmare" or "SeriousSAM".Details 
in progress23.07.2021 08:26PrintNightmare continues: New CVE-2021-34481Details 
in progress02.07.2021 14:44Zero Day Vulnerability PrintNightmare (CVE-2021-34527)Details 
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